7 Most Popular Espresso Drinks [Infographic]

Espresso Drinks

Coffee is a big part of a daily routine. Whether you have to have it first thing in the morning, you grab it on the way to work, or you like to leisurely sip it at a café in the evenings, coffee fuels you, wakes you up, and most of all, it’s delicious.  If you need to find a new favorite caffeinated beverage or you want to revisit an old favorite, here are seven of the most popular types of espresso drinks for you to try.

Infographic of 7 Most Popular Espresso Drinks


1. Latte

A latte is a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and foam.

The latte is a classic go-to espresso drink. Made with a shot (or more!) of espresso and topped with steamed milk and foam, the latte is sweet, rich, and a perfect pick-me-up in the morning.



2. Cappuccino

A cappuccino is a shot of espresso with steamed milk.

Similar to the latte, a cappuccino is made with a shot of espresso and topped with steamed milk. However, the cappuccino, different from the latte, doesn’t have the foam at the top. Though some cappuccino machines at gas stations may have different flavors, the classic is always made with pure espresso, giving it a robust flavor.


3. Ristretto

A ristretto is a single shot of espresso.

A ristretto is just a fancy word for a single shot of espresso. If you ever wondered what was in those small cups at coffee shops, it is most likely a ristretto, which many people consider to be purest way to enjoy coffee. Because a ristretto is so rich, many baristas will serve it with a glass of sparkling water to drink in between sips.


4. Macchiato

A macchiato is equal parts espresso and steamed milk.

A macchiato is similar to a latte and cappuccino, with a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk, but the macchiato contains far less milk. The higher concentration of milk in a latte gives it an almost sweet taste, but equal amounts espresso and milk in a macchiato give it a bolder taste.


5. Americano

An americano is espresso with hot water.

The americano, which is hugely popular in the states (go figure), is a shot of espresso with hot water. The hot water softens the flavor of the espresso to make it a bit more sippable and makes it a great drink to take with you to the office.


6. Mocha

A mocha is espresso with chocolate, steamed milk and whipped cream.

One of the sweetest espresso drinks, a mocha is a shot of espresso with chocolate, steamed milk, and sometimes even a dollop of whipped cream on top. Though a mocha is probably not what you want to start your day out with, it’s at its best when served at the end of a meal or even with a dessert.  

Red Eye

7. Red Eye

A red eye is coffee with a shot of espresso on top.

A red eye is the term for a cup of drip coffee with an extra shot, presumably because you could drink one, take a red eye and not be able to sleep a wink. (Or maybe that it’s that you should drink one of these when you get off a red eye flight.)


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